Verve Design is used to create No-Code capture applications without the need for specialized IT staff. It is a WYSIWYG high speed capture application builder with dozens of time saving functions and importers. Use Design to build your flexible and reusable validation stories.

The Validation Story Builder combines various types of validations to create fully featured capture applications. In addition to built-in basic validations, custom “if” logic can be created using the flexible “if” builder tool. The Validation Story Builder can also utilize your existing .NET assembly or DLL validations so that you can capitalize on your previous investments.

The Design Module expedites application development with the use of field generators, object reuse, and interface importers. Fields can be generated generically or in groups, such as address blocks. Verve Interfaces, Fields, and Validation Stories can be reused within the Design Module to quickly build new capture applications. Existing third-party capture applications can be imported into the Verve Design Module after the object is exported to a structured file.