The Verve Capture Suite

The Verve Capture Suite is the newest and best enterprise capture product.  

As shown in the diagram below, Verve Capture provides these services:  Document Classification, Data Extraction (Barcode, OCR, and ICR), Data Correction (Key from Paper(KFP), Key from Image(KFI), OCR character correction), Data Validation and Reporting.  At the heart of the product is no-code application creation and a familiar, intuitive data entry interface.

The new Scan mode of the Verve Entry Module supports TWAIN Direct, the latest cloud capture technology from TWAIN.  Full scanning capability is now available from scanners anywhere on the internet, within your own network and as always, directly connected to your computer.

Verve Design is used to create No-Code capture applications without the need for specialized IT staff. It is a WYSIWYG high speed capture application builder with dozens of time saving functions and importers. Use Design to build your flexible and reusable validation stories.

The Verve Entry Module is a fast and consistent data entry module that supports Key from Paper, Key from Image, and OCR correction. Verve Entry supports multiple passes of initial entry, verification, and review with a customizable dockable workspace that provides a clean and intuitive User Experience.

Verve Capture offers state-of-the-art Data Extraction using the Verve Recognition Engine, or third-party engines such as iCapt.

The Verve Document Classification Engine provides a quick and easy way to identify documents.  It offers three types of classification templates: built-in templates, user-defined templates, and learned templates.