Verve Corporation was founded to build and market a new Information Capture product.  Our product, Verve Capture, includes the sum experience of several Capture Consultants who have spent the last twenty years implementing capture solutions across many industries.  Verve Capture addresses all of the requirements that these consultants have delivered over the past two decades and successfully omits other products’ design limitations and bugs.  Built with modern technology, Verve Capture offers a clear vision for efficient information capture, a simple way to achieve your goals and clear benefits.

With no angel investors or external stockholders, the focus of this closely held corporation is completely dedicated to our clients’ needs.


Verve Corporation President and CEO – Mr. Dana Showers

After graduating university with honors, Dana worked for Highmark Blue Shield where, for three years, Mr. Showers supported a high volume Recognition Equipment Company (REI) XP80 scanner/OCR system for medical claims.  When Highmark received a quote for upgrading their XP80 to the next generation scanner for $750,000, Dana recommended looking at an entirely new system which could possibly save them money and future proof them against REI’s aging technology.  During the subsequent replacement of the REI system, Dana served as Highmark’s technical lead and integrated into the vendor’s team when he personally converted the application validations from Tartan Data Entry Language to FormWare Programming Language.

Dana then moved on to work for the company that made the FormWare product, the future Captiva Software company.  Six months later, in 1998, Dana started his first consulting company and was able to continue his relationship with Captiva Software as his first client.  One additional consulting company later; the successful Capture Sage, LLC, and now with Verve Corporation, Dana continues to deliver successful capture systems for clients across a breadth of industries.  Some notable career accomplishments among the dozens of successful installations include implementing capture applications that process from 100 to 1 million documents per day, effective OCR of non-drop-out medical forms, key-from-audio and a multi-checkpoint tracking and auditing system with support for Document bursting and merging.

Since 1998, Mr. Dana Showers has been building innovative solutions in the data capture industry, creating workable tools to help the medical and insurance industries process medical claims efficiently, and continually building toward the goal of launching Verve Capture.