Verve Capture Suite
Our goal was to build the best capture product on the market that offers easy code-less development and a familiar intuitive user experience.
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Verve Design
Verve Design is used to create code-less capture applications without the need for specialized IT staff.
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Verve Entry
The Verve Entry Module is a fast and consistent data entry module with dozens of built in functions which speed the entry and correction of data.
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Verve Recognition
Verve offers state-of-the-art Data Extraction using either the Verve Recognition Engine, or third-party engines.
Verve Classification
The Verve Document Classification Engine provides a quick and easy way to identify documents.
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  • Verve Capture Suite
  • Verve Design
  • Verve Entry
  • Verve Recognition
  • Verve Classification

Verve Corporation was founded by a team of information capture consultants who have spent 20 years learning and inventing the best information capture practices.  Our purpose is to create the best Information Capture Software imaginable – Verve Capture.  To do this, we found that we had to break all the rules.  We also found that Verve Capture is going to revolutionize the information capture market.

Breaking the Rules:

Verve Corporation is unlike most every vendor in the capture market. 

  • We have no angel investors and no external stockholders.  We feel that having these would get in the way of our primary mission of doing what’s best for the client.  Verve Corporation is a closely held profitable company.
  • Verve clients have access to our best developers during support calls in order to resolve support calls as quickly as possible. 
  • The Verve Capture development cycle prioritizes features desired by our clients.  We will never redesign Verve Capture without input from our clients.  Verve Capture will remain Verve Capture and we will not morph it into something else because of industry trends or because we are trying to compete with other vendors.

Information Capture Revolution:

As the capture industry progressed through the decades, new ways of working were invented, with some proven methods being left behind.  What is old is new again.  We have implemented all proven methods from every software generation in a new product that supports older requirements such as data entry from paper documents as well as the latest recognition engines and document classification methodologies.

In Addition, our capture software includes functionality unlike anything else on the market.  Our validation story builder provides for a fully customizable non-coded data capture solution:  a much more useful method than the traditional solution of writing custom validations in .NET or Java, helping you save time and money.  But don’t worry, the validation story builder can also call your existing custom .NET validations.  Verve Capture was built on a modern flexible platform where data is not tied to the UI, but instead, the data drives the UI.  The Verve objects are reusable and referenceable.  For example, one Verve Interface, Field or Validation Story can be used on other Verve objects.  One Verve Field can have more than one Validation Story so that sections of Validation logic can be reused without reusing all validations from one field to the other.  This flexibility was designed into every component of Verve Capture.