Verve Capture Suite
Our goal was to build the best capture product on the market that offers easy code-less development and a familiar intuitive user experience.
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Scan Mode of Entry
The new Scan mode of the Verve Entry Module supports TWAIN Direct, the latest cloud capture technology from TWAIN.
Verve Design
Verve Design is used to create code-less capture applications without the need for specialized IT staff.
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Verve Entry
The Verve Entry Module is a fast and consistent data entry module with dozens of built in functions which speed the entry and correction of data.
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Verve Recognition
Verve offers state-of-the-art Data Extraction using either the Verve Recognition Engine, or third-party engines.
Verve Classification
The Verve Document Classification Engine provides a quick and easy way to identify documents.
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  • Verve Capture Suite
  • Scan Mode of Entry
  • Verve Design
  • Verve Entry
  • Verve Recognition
  • Verve Classification